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 At SA Construction, we take pride in providing high-quality restoration and maintenance work and offer a strong service guarantee. We finish every job with 100% customer satisfaction!

Complete Solutions For Your Property Maintenance Needs

Parging work in progress


At SA Construction, we are experts at parging smooth, long-lasting walls at highly competitive prices. From foundations to basement and exterior walls to masonry chimneys, we provide excellent parging services to waterproof your structures as well as improve their strength and appearance. And if your previously parged surfaces have begun to show signs of damage or wear and tear, we have you covered with professional parging repair services in Guelph and beyond.

View of wall waterproofing


Over time, your block or poured concrete walls can develop cracks or fissures, threatening your safety and the structural integrity of your property. If you notice basement leaks, mould growth, and damaged basement interiors and foundation walls, call us for a professional inspection and waterproofing service. We provide complete waterproofing solutions including grading and parging services. We also utilize the injection technique to prevent further damage.

Custom Cement Work

When your property’s concrete surfaces need mending, SA Construction is the company you should call for all custom cement work. Cracks in your concrete slabs or walls not only look unsightly but can be a potential safety hazard. Regardless of how damaged your concrete surfaces are, we provide complete repair as well as resurfacing solutions to help you with damaged floors, patios, and driveways.

Masonry Construction

At SA Construction, our skilled masons have the creativity and expertise in the art of masonry to bring your unique ideas to life. We do concrete finishing, walkouts, chimneys, and fireplaces, as well as interlocking and a variety of hardscape construction. We promise excellent results, backed by an exclusive workmanship guarantee. We take pride in our exceptional masonry work which ensures unique structures built to last!

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Seal your property’s foundation against water and snow damage!

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